Who are we?

We began farming in Devon in 1975 where we had 120 cows on 250 acres on the edge of Dartmoor. Since moving to our 543 acre farm in Barby, Daventry in October 2006, we set about making it one we can farm with ease to maximise grass use and forage yields for our autumn calving herd.

We have committed to our farming future, investing in infrastructure and with the support of our landlords, the Crown Estate. One of the biggest infrastructure investments has been a new parlour – a 24:48 swingover set-up.

We now have three farms across Warwickshire and milk nearly 1000 cows on a fully grass based system.  We are continually seeking to develop, improve and expand our business.  Check out the careers page to find out about our latest opportunities.


We take care of our animals and are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare.   Our cows feed on high quality pasture and are housed indoors during the more challenging times of year.  We ensure that they are cared for through high quality veterinary support and skilled herdsmen and women that manage our herd.  To produce high quality milk, we need high quality, happy and healthy cows and we are committed to achieving this consistently.


We are just stewards of the land we manage – we tread as lightly as we can on the planet, nurturing the soil and preserving our environment for future generations. Our cows graze on lusciously nutritious pastures bathed in sunlight on Warwickshire hillsides.

Our Values

The way we work with our people, our suppliers, our customers and our environment is critical to our approach.  We believe in sustainable farming that works in harmony with our surroundings whilst producing high quality products through motivated people. Specifically, this is how we work:-


It’s the people working at Pilkington Farms that make it special. We work hard to provide support and training at every level in our businesses, and provide unique opportunities for experienced people and newcomers alike. The satisfaction of working with animals and the seasons in the beautiful setting of the Warwickshire countryside is what makes us get up in the morning and love coming to work